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Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is opening a whole new world of Versatility in building joinery products. Because of its rigidity, long life, impact strength and its unique characteristics, it has replaced wood and aluminium in many segments. It is the most widely used material for doors and windows across Europe and is highly recommended by architects around the world. Thanks to its wide basket of benefits, it is rapidly gaining prevalence in India as well.

  • Maximum strength and rigidirty

Non-conducting uPVC is the ideal choice for windows and doors.

  • Saline-Free Resistance

uPVC windows and doors are the perfect solutions as they are saline-proof and do not lose their shine or beauty over time.

Creative Features From JA

High Weather Resistance

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or uPVC windows & doors for extreme weather, is a lightweight, tough, high-performance polymer with excellent insulating qualities.

High UV Stability

Our profiles are subjected to the rigid 8000-hour UV Test to ensure that they have better UV resistance even under harsh Indian weather conditions.

High Thermal Stability

uPVC windows are perfect for all climates and give a pleasant environment to your home. uPVC is a poor conductor of heat, which reduces heat loss on a larger scale.

Fire Resistance / Retardant

uPVC windows do not melt in the event of a fire. Once the source of ignition has been removed, uPVC windows stop burning, which means that they are in fact self-extinguishing.

Corrosion Resistance

Many doors and windows corrode over time due to exposure to climatic changes. To prevent this corrosion, the fixtures require proper maintenance, or their lifespan decline significantly.

Heat Resistance

The top uPVC window and door brands in India excel at this. The reason behind this heat-resistant nature is the stress-bearing capability of uPVC in hot weather.

Waterproof Resistance

uPVC doors and windows are waterproof fixtures that remain unaffected by rain and prevent water leakage as they are air-tight.

Noise Reduction

uPVC windows can act as an effective sound barrier, reducing external noise transmission and creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Termite-proof Resistance

uPVC being a synthetic product, there is absolutely no necessity to spend on periodical termite control procedures. Termites or any other insects are not drawn to uPVC at all.

High Energy Efficient

uPVC is a fantastic insulator or a low conductor of heat, which means that it doesn't enable heat transfer through its frames.

Zero Painting

uPVC is a new age material that does not deteriorate with time. uPVC frames do not require regular paint or polish coating for stability.

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a low-maintenance material, and cleaning it is easy and quick. All you need is a wet sponge and a few minutes, and your window will shine bright.

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We are JA Fenestration with expertise in new technology building products. Our products are designed and built to ensure ease of construction, value for money and world - class quality.

JA Fenestration Doors & Windows, is one of our products, meeting the need of the hour of every builder with improved quality solutions at cost effective pricing.

JA Fenestration have undertaken and successfully executed projects for housing Schemes, Shopping Malls, office complexes, hotels, hospitals, Government Projects etc. Our Factory is located at Chennai. It is equipped with latest engineering equipments to meet the exact demands of the air condition industry. Our products are made from UPVC PROFILES OF German Technology with approved standard norms. Backed by an experienced technical team and contemporary machinery we liase with engineers & architect to build a better world to everyone.



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