Sliding Doors

JAF Windows offers superior quality and a comprehensive choice of Aluminium sliding doors, all of which are constructed with the latest technology to ensure that your doors and windows look fantastic and perform exceptionally well in terms of heat retention, weather performance, etc., and security. Aluminium sliding doors for the balcony give your property a unique, distinctive appeal while also helping to make it more energy-efficient. Our Aluminium sliding doors, whether Lift-and-Slide, Tilt-and-Slide, or Sliding French doors, come in various beautiful colors and are reasonably priced. Furthermore, with a vast choice of customizable designs, there is something to fit every property.

  • Easy to operate and maintenance-free

  • Establishes a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Easy gliding function that helps in saving space

  • Allows ample natural light

  • Facilitates proper ventilation

  • Protects from air and noise pollution as they are airtight

Casement Doors

JAF Aluminium Casement Door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. AIS Aluminium Casement Doors are suitable for balcony access, deck and patio. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colors.

So, when you search for a reliable casement doors manufacturer, we want you to think of us to get the best-suited aluminium casement door installed at your space.

  • Comes with a multi-locking system for enhanced security

  • Multi-chambered design that provides extra strength and energy efficiency

  • Option to add 3-D hinges for smooth movement

  • Air tight prevents entry of dust and pollution inside

  • Blocks rainwater seepage


Slide & Fold Doors

This is the next generation solution in aluminium folding door systems. These high-performance aluminium folding door systems are one of the slimmest folding doors you can find on the market. Even with a dramatic reduction in framing size, JAF maintains its high thermal performance and insulation. Every JAF aluminium sliding and folding door is fully tested for weather protection including air permeability, wind resistance and resistance to driving rain, achieving a water tightness level that cannot be matched.

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Negligible Maintenance Requirements

  • Keep Insects at a Bay

  • Thermally efficient

  • Lightweight, versatile and durable

  • All surfaces are very finely smoothed and intricately finished

  • Resilient to warping, corrosion and flexing

  • Up to 8 feet tall

Lift and Slide Doors

JAF lift and slide aluminium doors combine exceptional design with optimal performance, removing the burden of exertion when you want to open these doors to let the outside in. The sliding panel of the door operates on its own track, so no additional space is required outside or inside your home. Just turn the door handle 180 o to raise the door on its tracks, reduce friction and it just glides open or close. The sliding is smooth and effortless. JAF aluminium lift and slide doors meet the highest safety, security and insulation standards.

  • Smooth sliding panels with heavy duty hardware

  • Large panel size for heavy load bearing capacity

  • Better weather sealing with double compression seal

  • Easy handling of hardware with internal linkages

  • Provision to stop slider panel midway (providing a partial opening)

  • Unobstructed views to the great outdoors without compromising security


Slimline Sliding Doors

JAF slimline sliding door solution is the latest and most advanced system available in the country. Large panels of glass with minimal sightlines combine incredible views, aesthetics, high security and surpass all international weather and thermal ratings. JAF premium aluminium slimline sliding doors can be tailor-made to match the most demanding project specs. JAF strikes the perfect balance between design and engineering, delivering a host of benefits without compromising on style. Configuration of your choice, sizes as per your requirement and a bespoke colour palette is only a beginning.

  • Slim sightlines (interlock) - 30 mm / 19 mm

  • Multi-point locking for heightened security

  • Rain track for a free-flow drain system

  • Maximum sash height for 19 mm systems - 6.75 m 2

  • Maximum sash height for 30 mm systems - 4 m 2

Corner Slider Doors

JAF's Aluminum corner slider door is a slim line and 90 degree slider door concept that can effortlessly transform the corner areas. These are the most chosen ones where entry to gardens and balconies is desired and that too with a sense of flamboyance. Available with a thermal break system, JAF's Aluminum corner sliding doors offer maximum natural light and side view from every side and comes with concealed frames and sashes. Corner slider doors are among the most premium door designs that add purpose to corner areas at home. The corner slider doors in aluminum that we manufacture here at JAF adhere to the highest quality standards. These doors are manufactured to precision by exceptionally skilled experts and are custom-made based on the exact dimensions of every corner space. It is with good reason why JAF is acclaimed as a pioneer in the manufacturing of completely customised aluminum doors. From design and the workmanship to the quality of fitting and the price - expect nothing but the best when you go for aluminum corner slider doors by JAF.

  • Improve HomeSecurity

  • Dust Resistant

  • Large Openings & Ample Sunlight

  • Graceful & Effortless

  • Complete Design Freedom

  • Noise Insulation