Sliding Windows

Imagine waking up to an image of a beautiful sunrise. With JAF uPVC sliding windows, that can be a reality. With a gentle push, our sliding windows glide open sideways with the help of rollers, offering easy access to the beauty outside. JAF uPVC sliding windows are best suited for apartments, villas and offices. Available in a range of sizes, they can also be fitted with fly mesh depending on individual preferences.


Key Features

Windows are an essential feature of a home, both aesthetically and in terms of energy efficiency. They typically cover 15-20% of a wall's surface area and can significantly impact heating and cooling costs. JAF Windows is a leading company in uPVC windows, which have been designed to significantly improve the energy performance of windows. Our uPVC windows can make your home more comfortable, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a healthier, brighter, and more environmentally friendly home by reducing your carbon footprint. Also, our uPVC sliding windows prices are much more affordable than our counterparts.

  1.    Easy to use
  2.    Cost efficient
  3.    Multiple size options
  4.    Aesthetically pleasing
  5.    Maintenance free
  6.    Provides 50% opening at any given point