Sliding Windows

Architects and designers are always looking for ways to create the slimmest framed windows possible.

JAF aluminium sliding window designs offer one of the slimmest framed opening window systems on the market. Giving a much more modern look because the sightlines of these sliding windows are much slimmer, which means more of your window will be glass and yet remaining thermally efficient.JAF aluminium sliding windows can be very large in size enabling uninterrupted views and suitable ventilation. Customization is possible: glazing & glass options, robust hardware, mesh, choice of colours and sizes.

  • Usage-optimised design

  • Easy Assembly & Installation

  • Performance-tested

  • Strong & Recycle-Friendly

  • Maximum Glass Coverage

  • Performance Uniformity

Casement Windows

JAF's Aluminium casement window designs are the preferred choice of customers because of their functionality and style. JAF's aluminium casement windows are strong, built to last, and allow ease of maintenance. You will be assured of a high quality product and superior service with JAF.

From the design and manufacture to the installation and service of aluminium windows, JAF offers windows that not only elevate the style quotient of your space but are built to last. Having established itself as the best aluminium casement windows manufacturer, JAF is a brand you can trust to get windows tailored to your specific requirements. JAF offers you the flexibility to choose the colour, handle, mesh, and glass for your window which you can personalise based on the decor of your room.


Fixed Windows

Aluminium Fixed Windows for the contemporary homeowner. The use of cutting-edge Japanese technology in the manufacturing process means that our aluminium windows are industry-tested for optimal performance across all weather conditions.

Aluminium Fixed Window is to provide architectural completion and aesthetical framing of the house. They don't have any operable parts and are fixed at a place where they are installed. These windows are installed at a height, where ample amount of sunlight can enter the room. JAF Aluminium Fixed Windows are highly recommended for - Kitchens, Bathrooms, A/C Bedrooms and Living Rooms and Apartment Stairways. JAF Aluminium Fixed Windows are available in many variants that would allow you to look beyond aesthetics such as numerous geometric shapes, sizes, Colors and Profiles.

  • Continuous stream of natural light

  • Clear view of outdoors

  • Perfectly sealed that avoids collection of water during rain or cleaning

  • Long lasting

French Windows

Add character to the area and provide continuity between rooms, interiors and exteriors with French Windows. JAF Aluminium French windows increase the design aesthetic and are the most secure form of windows. They are a pair of casement windows which are hinged to the side walls of the floor and can be designed to open either inward or outward, which lets you feel the Breeze of air and see the panoramic view of the outdoors by creating an unobstructed view in the centre. With multi-point locks, JAF Aluminium French windows are one of the most secure form of windows. JAF Glass coupled with high-grade JAF Aluminium Frame comprehend French Windows in totality. This combination is durable and an all-weather solution.

  • Thermally efficient

  • Noise reduction

  • Sleek sightline - 30mm

  • Up to 7 feet high

  • Almost completely maintenance-free

  • Highly robust and durable


Tilt & Turn Windows

Aluminium tilt and turn window frames are high on the durability quotient and are sustainable in nature. They add instant style to any room and are very easy to maintain. JAF offers you the flexibility to choose an aluminium tilt and turn window design as per your needs. You can choose the handle, mesh, glass, and colour of the window based on the architectural style of your space. However, you should note that the price of aluminium tilt turn windows may vary based on the design you choose.

Being one of the best aluminium tilt and turn windows suppliers in the Chennai, Tamilnadu., JAF is known to offer high-quality, beautiful tilt and turn aluminium windows to customers. Right from the design to the service of the aluminium tilt and turn windows, JAF is your trusted partner in getting the best windows installed at your space.

  • Allows maximum ventilation and easy cleaning

  • Versatile and durable

  • All surfaces are very finely smoothed and intricately finished

  • Resilient to warping, corrosion and flexing


JAF offers a comprehensive range of advanced aluminium ventilators to suit a wide variety of applications, including glazed-in, as well as a wide choice of wall-mounted applications. All JAF aluminium ventilator design systems are tested to strict European and American standards.

JAF extruded aluminium louvre systems are designed for use in schools and higher education facilities, hospitals as well as a number of high profile residential and retail schemes. JAF aluminium ventilators are manufactured to the bespoke sizes and colours required.

  • Automation possible for hardware systems

  • World-class technology

  • Highly durable

  • Wind load capacity of up to 3.5 kpa

  • Eco-friendly product

  • Customization in terms of size, glass and colour